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Adventures in Subscribing to Blogs

Posted by ashleeekaren on September 22, 2010

So since I’ve started blogging I’ve started wandering around and reading other people’s blogs. For some reason in the past week I have stumbled across 2 blogs that seem to have the same theme – former good guys who have now decided it’s not so fun to be good guys anymore. They are:, and I figured it must be fate to have read two such similar blogs, especially in the face of my waning sexual self control.

Both these guys are…inneresting. Who am I to say what is wrong or right for other people? Clearly these guys are where they are for a reason – their experiences and choices in life have led them to where they are today. In fact, I find their blogs well written, highly informative, and generally helpful to a single girl such as myself. And on top of that they are pretty entertaining. πŸ™‚

Reading those blogs made me think – sometimes when men get screwed over or are sick of being nice, they decide they’re not going to be nice anymore (or well…at least MEAN it) and start running game on girls. From my brief reading of some of these blogs, these guys seem really nice, but a lot of it is in pursuit of a piece of ass.

And here I am, a woman who feels that she has been screwed over, and I’m withdrawing from the game altogether. I suppose it might have a lot to do with the way men and women are wired. Don’t get me wrong, I can have meaningless sex, but I can usually only have it once and then never talk to the guy again. The few instances in which I’ve hooked up more than once with no understanding of a relationship in the works, I’ve become attached. I have one GOMB (Guy on my Bench – and this one is Ron for anyone out there who has been reading my blogs) where it is explicitly understood that we can’t hook up more than few times a year and it’s usually on my terms and when I feel like it. Of course, he has his natural objections to it, but really, what man is going to turn down no strings attached sex a few times a year? So he deals with the rules that are put in place, whether he likes them or not, and we enjoy a casual and occasional friendly chat on the phone or text. He has no idea that I have instituted this No Sex for a Year Campaign, and I’m sure if he did, he would just try to get me to mess up.

I have tried in the past to pretend that I could be the one running game and the truth is, that I can’t. I mean, I can run a good game, but it really doesn’t take much – what most women don’t understand is that you can walk into any bar or party and if you want to get laid, you can. The same isn’t necessarily true of men – they usually have to put in a little more work to get some action. Perhaps a couple dates. I run game at first but I become attached too easy. I’m a girl! This is what happens. This is what we DO.

I guess this just a roundabout way of saying that I think that it’s still a good choice for me to remain celibate for a year. Even if I tried to run game on a guy, I would probably get attached if there was anything redeeming about him at all, and ESPECIALLY if the sex was good.

So Neo and Alpha guy, THANK YOU for your blogs! Seriously, I’m not being facetious. I enjoy reading them and will continue to do so, if not just for entertainment value, but also for educational purposes. πŸ˜‰


6 Responses to “Adventures in Subscribing to Blogs”

  1. Wow, this is great stuff…so insightful and so true! Sorry you feel worn out by the Neanderthals. Keep up the great writing, please!

  2. Thanks!

  3. “what most women don’t understand is that you can walk into any bar or party and if you want to get laid, you can.”

    Haha. They know that they can get laid so that’s why they go for “emotional sex”.

  4. Neo said

    Your blog is also entertaining although we seem to have totally opposite goals.

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