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Looking for something different – are most blogs about love, dating, sex, and relationships written by women??

Posted by ashleeekaren on September 29, 2010

I am tempted to tell you about how I was held hostage by a gigantic spider, but I don’t know if that works well with this blog theme. (It was terrifying, I assure you…)

Anyway, what just occurred to me is this:

1.  I love blogging now.

2.  I’m obsessed with blogging.

3.  Most of the blogs I read are written by men.

Why I am primarily reading blogs written by men is interesting. Maybe I whine so damn much it’s hard for me to hear another female narrative…Again, that’s a topic for yet another blog.

Anyway, I have been looking for blogs that are written by men and talk about love, relationships, dating, sex, etc.  When I search the tags, most of these blogs are written by women.  And the blogs written by men concerning these subjects, many of the ones I come across are what I’m calling “gamers” – followers of  RooshV and Roissey.  Bloggers such as Neo in the Game, Paul the King, and Becoming Alpha.  They consider themselves “Alphas”.  

I guess what I’m looking for is a blog written by a Beta.  Someone who is not trying to run game or qualify women.  Part of this blogging process is not just the writing aspect, but the reading.  The absorption of other peoples’ perspectives and life experiences.

I would appreciate any suggestions 🙂


14 Responses to “Looking for something different – are most blogs about love, dating, sex, and relationships written by women??”

  1. paultheking said

    if you find any blogs written by “betas” please link me as well..

    I could use a few laughs

  2. Lily said

    Not quite what you’re looking for
    It’s advice for women and men and unsuprisingly most of the people who ask for advice are women but there is some advice for men if you look through the archives.

  3. Rivelino said

    Read this to. Real advice for women. Not the “you go girl” type of advice you read in the women’s magazine. Raw, unfiltered truth:

  4. Most men don’t want to sound like whiny pussies, so they don’t write about serious relationships and love. 🙂

    Occassionally I write a post in a more serious tone (or based on my life experiences, although exaggerated), but they are still mostly for amusement.

  5. Most men have nothing (about love and relationships) to write about until they begin to leave the “beta” phase of life. Those who swallow the red pill then head down the road towards embracing the truths about women, the road to masculine development, and the practical necessity of Game.

  6. Lily said

    I forgot before, what about Athol Kay’s?

  7. Lily said

    Hey, what’s your webmail address? Or instead of posting on mine, use your wordpress admin to check my email and send me one. I want to send you some ebooks I bought last year. Hope you’re not in copyright law lol

  8. Greger said

    Some good ones are written by men, no doubt.

  9. R said

    I totally would start one. I’d be curious as to how much interest there would be.

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