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Why you should ALWAYS ask if he has a girlfriend…And why it really DOES matter…

Posted by ashleeekaren on September 29, 2010

Ok, so about a year ago there was this guy we’ll call Gary.  I met him at lunch with a bunch of other people.  There was definite chemistry – you could almost feel it.  So I tell my friend who is friends with him that I think he’s cute.  Next thing you know, she’s setting us up – come over to my house and hang out – we’re having a few people over and having drinks.

I come over, we all have more than a few drinks and then next thing you know this guy and I are sucking each others faces off.  I didn’t sleep with him that night but eventually did after a few dates.  The sex was amazing.  What was even more amazing was everything that led up to it – our foreplay wasn’t just in the bedroom, it was our entire time together.  The conversation, the flirting…it all clicked in a major way.  But as I’ve explained before, sex just gets me into trouble…

I’m into this guy, so I start asking around – who he is? What’s his deal? I get a flurry of calls and texts that he is a player, that I should stay away… Because the sex was so good, I didn’t even bother to listen to the advice.  I start hearing that there is one girl in particular who he has been seeing – I ask Gary about it and he says, yeah, but it’s not serious.  He doesn’t seem to want to talk about it and since we had only known each other for a couople months I wasn’t going to start requiring him to stop dating other people.  (I certainly hadn’t).  We are both very open about minding our own business and not getting into each others.  It was clear to me at that point that I had no real interest in a relationship with him, but I did enjoy spending time with him, so I thought, hey, why the hell not??  As long as what he’s doing on the side, stays on the side and it’s not in my face…what do I care??  Well…

Anyway, there is just so much more to the story, but I cut some of it short:  I find out she’s pregnant, I confront him and he denies it.  I start hearing from other people that she is in fact pregnant and that  they are moving in together.  I stop talking to him.

I run into him here and there, but always play it cool.  I had never met her before, but knew people who knew her and they only ever said nice things about her.  They all agreed she was naive, but neverthless, she was very nice and sweet.  Even though I’m furious with him (and with myself for being so stupid), there really is no benefit to exposing what happened between us.  It would only hurt everyone involved.  It is true what they say – the truth hurts.

Flash forward to a few months ago. I hear through the grapevine that they are getting married.   I say to myself, hope they are very happy together.  And if by some magic extra sensory perception, he texts me.  Says he’s been thinking about me, hopes I know why he had to stay away, etc, etc. I tell him I understand and no hard feelings and that I’m very happy for him and his girlfriend.  I tell him it’s nice to hear he’s growing up.  It’s very pleasant and short.

Then I start hearing from him more frequently – do you want to have drinks? We should really have drinks some time…just to catch up, you know?  Because I like the attention, I play along, not really sure what I would actually do if I took him up on that offer for “drinks”.  A month or so passes, he keeps asking.  I keep teasing him.  Eventually I take the time to stop and think about it and conclude it’s a bad idea.  I text him that I think we shouldn’t have “drinks”.  I tell him that I’m really happy for him and I don’t want to get in the middle of anything.  He was nice and understanding about it.  A month later he got married. I saw the pics on Facebook – she looked beautiful, he was handsome – they looked very happy.

Flash forward to recently – I ran into her.  We know a lot of the same people and I guess it was inevitable…but that hour was AWFUL.    I tried to chat up my friends as much as I could so that I wouldn’t have to talk to her, because really, I couldn’t look her in the eyes.    She was so damn nice! And pretty!  And I just felt like an awful whore. 

She  introduced herself.  Polite, sweet, pretty, smart.  I felt awful.  I shook her hand and smiled and introduced myself.  I have never felt like that in my life.

I know at the end of the day, Gary is the real dog in the situation.   But I have to take responsibility for my actions.  I knew she existed. I may have been misled about how serious they were, but I knew she was there.  I told myself what I needed to in order to get what I wanted.  It was selfish.  There are many women out there who have dated men who are in relationships and always rationalize by saying, “I don’t owe her anything.”  Well, having been through this experience I can tell you, that you’re right – you don’t owe HER anything.  But you do owe yourself something.  You owe it to yourself to be better than that and not have to be the person that was the catalyst for ruining a marriage, a relationship, or a family.  I’m not judging – trust me, I’m not.  Who am I to judge?  There are very few decisions in my life I would take back – that whole mess with Gary is one of them.    After I found out she was pregnant, I felt bad, but I don’t think I really grasped the entire thing until I saw her face to face.

I can tell you now that it doesn’t matter how great the sex was – it was NOT worth what I had to go through yesterday and it would definitely not be worth if it she ever found out – she would be devastated.  And I should be ashamed…

Trust me…I am.


29 Responses to “Why you should ALWAYS ask if he has a girlfriend…And why it really DOES matter…”

  1. Don’t beat yourself up, and don’t be ashamed! You are right, he was in the wrong, and you were mislead, and you didn’t know all of that at the time…Bravo on such a well written piece!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I know I shouldn’t beat myself up…it’s just hard not to. I chalk it up to a learning experience, but it was a very expensive one…

  3. paultheking said

    Wow… what a post!

    I am surprised you felt bad –

    • Thanks for the read – so far the feedback I’ve been getting is that I shouldn’t feel bad – but don’t you think I bear a little responsibility? I had sex on my mind – that’s all I cared about, and I didn’t stop to think about her and what would happen if she found out. Sex sometimes makes us selfish.

  4. Lily said

    Ouch, I think a lot of us have been somewhere similar.

    It guess yesterday is really bringing it back. It’s hard when your emotions take over and all you have is the overwhelming guilt.

    Have you tried writing down? Maybe split into rational reasons and irrational reasons. Then decide what you can take responsibility for and what you can learn from. And try to put it in the past. I know that’s a lot easier said than done! Sometimes it really is much harder to forgive yourself.

    If you’re feeling emotional at the moment, try doing something maths like, I don’t know what you do for work but maybe you can do something on excel at work. Apparently doing something maths forces you to use the other side of your brain so helps you get a bit more balanced again.

  5. Rivelino said

    Well-written story. But you shouldn’t feel guily for the other girl. Feel guilty for what you are doing to yourself.

    For every new cock that goes inside you, you begin to lose your ability to feel love, to feel hope, to feel innocent, and to approach life with an open heart.

    The more cocks that go inside you, the more bitter, callous, and jealous you will become.

    The equivalent for a man would be something like, for every time a man stubs his toe, has a bad day at work, or does not rise to a challenge, he cries and feels sorry for himself.

    A real man is strong. A real girl is delicate and soft.

    You let too many cocks inside you, and soon no man is going to want to commit to you. It’s not that he will “know” how many cocks have been inside, but your vibe won’t be feminine.

    And before you know it, you are a cougar.

    • I have read this comment about 100 times today, trying to figure out what it means to me.

      For every new cock that goes inside you, you begin to lose your ability to feel love, to feel hope, to feel innocent, and to approach life with an open heart.

      I think I agree with this one, especially the part about being able to approach life with an open heart. The more your heart is broken, the harder it is for it to remain open to more possibilities.

      It’s not that he will “know” how many cocks have been inside, but your vibe won’t be feminine.

      So then I have a question for you – Is wanting sex something that makes a woman’s vibe less feminine?

      And I’m not a cougar! HA!

    • Amelia said

      I’ve had lots of cock and I’ve had several men want to be my baby daddy. Maybe I’m an anomaly?

      • Lily said

        I think Rivelino is jealous because he knows ashleeekaren get just go out to bar tonight and is guaranteed sex with a good looking member of the opposite sex, but she doesn’t wan to. He’s getting horny and frustrated.

      • Haha, no that’s me. I’m horny and frustrated. But then we knew that already…

    • Lily said

      Riv, you need to reconcile these feelings with your aim to have lots of casual sex with good girls, you don’t want to wake up one day feeling awful that you’ve left a lot of damage in your wake.

  6. Willy said

    RE Rivelino’s assertion: Although not absolutely conclusive, there has been a study or two that indicates a woman’s ability to form a strong pair bond, i.e. the kind of bond that might help a man avoid financial and familial rape that is modern divorce, is diminished with each new man she bonds to. The implication is that the more men she gives herself to, the less value any individual one has especially over the long term. Marriages with women who had “more cocks”(lol) had a higher fail rate proportional to the number of HER previous partners. As high as 85%!

    Assuming there is some truth to this theory, contemplate the modern dating scene. Women have abandoned chastity as if it were some barbaric remnant of a misogynist overlord, think there are no consequences, internal or external. Karen Owen of the Duke fuck list is NOT an aberration – she’s enjoying the average college experience. Now add into the mix modern marriage. The message is crystal clear, society punishes men ruthlessly with divorce. That’s why we won’t marry you. It’s a suckers gambit. The problem is that we men are more comfortable with the alternative.

    To put a finer point on it, if you had no moral conflict 1) boffing a guy for a few months after finding out he had a regular girlfriend and 2) was an act you could completely disconnect from commitment, then how do you think you would fair as a wife? If there’s guilt to be felt perhaps it should be expressed here. Not sure if you want to be, but you may want to ask yourself if you are really marriage material.

    Could you not just as easily justify an affair a few years down the road with the bass player because hubby wasn’t “meeting your needs” or is just not “romantic” ? Add to the mix all the incentives and the absence of any material ramifications should you follow through on these rationalizations, have a divorce, take the kids and receive regular payments as a reward for talking some chump into marriage?

    None of this excuses the guy. Just some questions to consider. We have.

    • If there’s guilt to be felt perhaps it should be expressed here.

      I thought I had expressed my guilt here pretty well. I felt awful seeing her – and I actually didn’t know she was his girlfriend He just told me they weren’t serious and I took him at his word. When I found out she was pregnant I figured it was actually serious and stopped seeing him.

      And you make some inneresting points and some that I have already thought about. I don’t know if I would make a good wife…that’s something I’ve thought about…maybe I’m not marriage material…still figuring all this out…

      And yes, there are many women out there who divorce men and squeeze every penny out of them that they can, but I can promise you, that’s not me. I have my own money and I don’t need to marry a guy to get his – I think a woman should have the means to care for herself in at least the lifestyle that she was living before the relationship.

  7. […] This is what I originally wrote on Ashlee’s blog. […]

  8. Willy said

    Wasn’t trying to shame you or taking issue with your reaction to the situation. I was elaborating on the earlier comment which indirectly implies women would do better to consider the impact their own promiscuity has on themselves and their future prospects. You asked for clarification.

    Trust me, I’m not harkening for a return to Victorian era morals. I’m fine the way things are. However women have a missguided view of the impact of their own actions.

    If we operate from the assumption that all women genreally want marriage and kids at least as an option if not a life goal, then, in the context of the raw deal and illogical risk that marriage/divorce represents for men, women should ask themselves exactly what they are offering in return?

    We know you’re likely gonna get fatter over time
    We know you’re looks will diminish and you’ll age quicker
    We know we’re cutting off access to other hot chicks
    We know sex quality/quantity will diminish
    We know if you become dissatisfied and seek a divorce we’re f’ked and you win the lotto.

    So if you’ve spent your prime years sport F*king random dudes, what exactly are you now offering to a future husband? Seconds, thirds, fourths…and less a likelyhood to actually bond and have respect for him?

    That’s the clarification of Rivelino’s comment (at least what I suspect he’s referring to).

    Remember, it’s all good. We’re OK with the alternative which is essentially a string of relationships that have few ramifications, little if any commitment and endless variety which appeals to every breathing male on the planet. They are fun!

    I’ve heard ladies snark, chide and belittle men over “fear of commitment”. LOL, those gals are clueless. You girls are doing it to yourself.

  9. Rivelino said

    Willy, you are speaking a lot of truth.

  10. Lily said

    Willy. All your points are very valid.

    However, there are plenty of women who aren’t promiscous who seem to have issues over finding men for marriage. So it’s not simply ‘you girls are doing it for yourself’.

    Though by the latest post on haley’s halo blog, seems you’d be less likely to get a prenup out of them than Ashleee who I get the impression would be more than happy to sign one (if not even initiating herself).

    Saying that, I also know plenty of non promiscous women who are looking for marriage who seem to have problems who aren’t very christian (as in they are not practicising christians not that they are not unchristian in their attitudes lol) who probably wouldn’t have an issue with a prenup.

    By the way, I don’t think there is an issue with men ready to commit per se, from my experience it’s a timing thing.

    • Willy said

      Lily: there are plenty of women who aren’t promiscous who seem to have issues over finding men for marriage. So it’s not simply ‘you girls are doing it for yourself’.

      Agreed. Marriage has become a form of indentured servitude where a man’s offspring and resources are held in the balance all for the sake of regular affection and social conformance. Eben the dullest tool is figuring out there’s little upside here. Even a 19 yo virgin untouched by female American solipsism and entitlement does not make the risk worth the reward for many men.

      Lily: “I don’t think there is an issue with men ready to commit per se, from my experience it’s a timing thing.”

      Marriage rates are at a historic low. Commitment comes in other forms I concede.

      A note on prenups. They help but only alleviate alimony and asset transfers if left unchallenged. Even in the age of “equality” women get default physical custody 90% of the time. There is a financial incentive for a female to seek maximum physical custody as it results in higher child support payments. Daddy is now reduced to an infrequent visitor.

      I don’t see ladies pressing to change things. Every time some chick:
      files for divorce
      subsequently submits a restraining order
      alleges domestic violence
      raids the accounts
      sues for max alimony
      presses for max custody
      Alienates ex daddy

      We men take notice. So I still maintain girls are doing it to themselves. The temptation of self-righteous retribution (or outright greed) levied via a divorce lawyer is way too tempting for most ladies to resist. Get it if/while you can ladies.

      I’ve seen this tired story play out way to often. Thank Gawd I never had to experience it myself. However i can tell you that upon hearing that some dude is going to get married I, and most men I know instantly feel as if this guy has just fell for some Nigerian email money extortion scam – what an iiidiot!

      It’s a shame because some men actually liked the idea of marriage and kids sans the axe. But as i said we can easily adapt to the alternative: Pump chicks of various degrees of hotness, dump em when they start “hitting the wall” insert new younger fresher hottie, wash, rinse, repeat. The Cougardom phenomenon is really just short lived desperation of a still-thin-but-older gal offering what little remains of her worth to a man, i.e. sexual gratification. Her femininity, class, respect, youth, innocence and wonderment is all wasted away, beaten down into a bewildered, jaded, embittered shell wondering why she can’t get what she really craves – a life partner.

      The dress was supposed to be white for a reason.

      • I would make a man sign a prenup and I would gladly sign his. As I said in one of Rivelinos’ posts, I do well enough. Men can use women for money just as easily as women can use men. You may have me on the custody thing, although I don’t know where your statistic is coming from – at least in California there is no such presumption that lies with the mother as the more fit parent. My lawyer friend just got divorced from her wealthy husband – she asked for no child or spousal support and asked to keep the house (which she bought herself with her own money). We’re not ALWAYS in it for money. He was just a crappy dad with an even crappier extended family. She didn’t want to fight with him about money since she knew it wasn’t the most important thing.

        I make my own money. I buy my own things. I keep myself in a comfortable lifestyle and would NEVER expect a man to do that for me. I would hope that if I meet a guy, he would see that I’m a hard working person and I can take care of myself, so that any interest I express is for him and not his wallet. I would GLADLY sign a prenup and I would expect a man to sign one if I asked him. That’s just being practical.

        But sometimes I don’t understand you guys! You tell women not to put their careers first because “that vibe isn’t feminine” and then when they give up their careers to be your wife, keep your home, and raise your children, you are flabbergasted that they would have the audacity to ask for monetary support when the marriage doesn’t work out.

  11. Willy said

    “You tell women not to put their careers first because “that vibe isn’t feminine” and then when they give up their careers to be your wife, keep your home, and raise your children, you are flabbergasted that they would have the audacity to ask for monetary support when the marriage doesn’t work out.”

    Your rationalization hampster is working overtime. Honestly, that sing song women-as-victims scenario has practically no relavancy whatsoever. Men aren’t telling Women to forgoe anything. It is a LUXURY for a Women to be married to a guy whose income can support a stay at home Mom and Homemaker lifestyle. If there’s an option of staying home and raising kids SHE’s inevitably going to press for it.

    Let’s take a poll of working Americans who, if given the choice, could quit their jobs and have their life-dreams funded by benevolent provider. This funding would remain in place even if they changed their dreams or had a falling out with their benefactor. How many people would turn in their pink slip the next day Ash?

    By and large, guys don’t dream of marriage and kids as women do. Guy’s dreams are along the lines of conquering, competing or leading such as in sailing around the world, starting their own business, a high profile career, competetive racing, sports or the like. What is more typical is a guy curtails his aspirations upon marraige while the woman’s is just beginning.

    As long as a marriage involves crushing financial penalties and familial estrangement guys are going to opt out in ever greater numbers. Women are just as capable as men, they have the same in not more access to secular opportunities. They are the majority of college graduates and their incomes are raising faster. A romantic relationship should not involve monetary ties. Yet Family court views marraige as essentially a business partneship heavily skewed in favor of the one possesing the vag. Caveat Emptor.

    This is not a rant. It’s an illustration of the headwinds you ladies will henceforce face in getting some chump to buy into marriage and kids. If, on top of all that, you slut it up during your pretty years how do you think you’ll fare? What exactly are you “bringing to the table” – a whithered flower? Harsh, but women need this broken down to them since they rarely give it this kind of thought. For their own sake, younger ladies should remember this ever present context when (or preferably before) they start racking up notches thinking of no repurcussions. Or not…either way men can deal with it just fine.

    True story: Not too long ago I dated a girl for a couple of months. She was in her early 30’s but still amazingly hot, feminine and thin. She was a great girl who had genuine dreams of a picket fence, family/kids and a place to call home. She had been a hottie all her life and accustomed to attention from guys. But like a child star addicted to fame she couldn’t give it up. After a few pretty lies she found herself single again. Undeterred she hopped back on the ‘carousel’ bouncing off of at least two dudes since. The word is now that she’s moving back in with her (single) mom. I have no ill feelings toward her at all. We had fun while it lasted and i remember it fondly. But I KNOW this affects her negatively.

    But the chances of her realizing her picket fence dreams are pretty thin now. I’d give her a 10% chance of getting some guy to marry her and having a kid before she’s too old to conceive. Just just a few years and a few dudes ago those odds would have been 90%. But hey at least she had a lot of fun along the way right?

    Ironically, she used to recall how her old-school grandma always told her, “don’t waste the pretty” as a younger girl! Perhaps the best, albeit wasted, advice I’ve heard in awhile.

    • Hey, don’t get me wrong – I feel the pressure of getting older and losing my looks. Luckily I have some genetics working in my favor (my Mom looks 10 years younger) and I take care of myself pretty well. I don’t disagree with you on the whole “don’t waste the pretty”. It’s good advice. Of course men are going to want the prettiest, youngest thing they can tolerate – thats nothing new. Men are beasts, and this is the nature of the beast.

      And of course it’s a luxury for a woman to stay home! Most women I know would do it if they were raising a child. What good mother wouldn’t want to raise her own child if she could, as opposed to shipping them off to daycare or with a nanny?? But why do you interpret this as a ploy to milk money out of a man. Some women genuinely want to stay home and raise their child. That’s a good thing.

      I’m not a family law attorney – But I deal with family court quite frequently. If a woman gives up her job as part of the agreement between 2 consenting adults during a marriage, and then that marriage dissolves, yes a family court is going to give her some type of spousal support – she gave something up for the marriage. And why shouldn’t the man give her child support? That’s his CHILD!!! My lawyer friend who asked for no child support?? Her ex should’ve insisted – those are his children!! He should want to sign those checks over to her to help care for the children he helped bring into this world.

      I’m not saying there aren’t inequities. That’s with anything.

      Perhaps you live in a state which divides assets based upon fault after a divorce. Ca is a no fault state and the split of assets is 50/50. And of course there are many reasons for a man not to want to marry. And there are many reasons for a woman not to marry either. You’re right – women dream of marriage and kids in a much different way than most men ever do (if at all). This is our biology. We are made to reproduce.

      And trust me, the LAST thing I want is to have to get some “chump” to “buy into marriage” with me. I don’t need to do a hard sell. I don’t WANT to do a hard sell. If he wants to be with me, great. If he doesn’t, well it might hurt, but I’ll be ok.

      Now a question for you – why are you so hostile?? You paying large amounts of alimony to someone?

  12. Willy said

    ASH: And of course it’s a LUXURY for a woman to stay home! Most women I know would do it.
    ASH Again: If a woman gives up her job … and then that marriage dissolves, yes a family court is going to give her some type of spousal support – SHE GAVE SOMETHING UP for the marriage.

    Subtext: This is a tough one because in the space of just a few sentences we learn the stay at home wife enjoys a “luxury” yet also endures a “sacrifice” worthy of monetary compensation. Guess which version comes out in the divorce?

    Ah…yeah, how ’bout we just pass on the whole deal.

    ASH: I’m not saying there aren’t inequities.

    Subtext: Yeah, we’re gonna get the kids too. Life’s not fair – tee hee!

    Ah…yeah, how ’bout we just pass on the whole deal.

    ASH: Some women genuinely want to stay home and raise their child. That’s a good thing.(no duh)

    ASH again: And why shouldn’t the man give her child support? That’s his CHILD!!!
    Subtext: Since we’ve established life’s not fair and we keep the kids, let’s also get you guys to PAY for the privilege of being alienated – tee hee!

    Ah…yeah, how ’bout we just pass on the whole deal.

    ASH: And trust me, the LAST thing I want is to have to get some “chump” to “buy into marriage” … I don’t need to do a hard sell. I don’t WANT to do a hard sell. (You go girl!)
    ASH again: Now a question for you – why are you so hostile?? You paying large amounts of alimony to someone?

    LOL, love the way it’s considered hostility when one doesn’t accept the standard white washed rendering. In that case you should consider a wide swath of the male population to be ‘hostile’. No Ashlee, just laying it out for you and enjoying the flexibility of your logic. Keep in mind; YOU took issue with me pointing out the raw deal of marriage.

    My point, which continues to evade: enter this *context* for the would be American bride. As if the above raw deal is not bad enough, add into the stew a girl with her own personal F*k list who only a generation or two ago would be scoffed at as the town tramp who, with the help of scores willing dudes, manages to evacuate any remaining value she had as a bride. I’ll stick with Plan B, pump, dump, refresh, repeat.

    She should embrace Cougardom… and then cats.

    • Why must you read a subtext into everything I say?!

      Aren’t luxuries attained as a result of sacrifice? Most people don’t make it rich quick (or ever) unless they’ve put in some hard work and sacrificed time and effort. It is SO expensive to raise a child today that if a couple can afford for one person to stay home and raise the child, yes, that’s a luxury! But it’s also a sacrifice for the woman because once you get off the career train (man or woman) it’s hard to get back on it. It’s also difficult for a man who remains the provider because he has to work that much harder and bear the brunt of the financial responsibility. That’s what I meant when I said that there was a type of sacrifice involved.

      If you don’t want to get married and you see no value in it, then that’s fine for you. To each his own. I just get the feeling from your comments on my blog so far that you think ALL women are like that. Not ALL men are alcoholic losers that are going to drain me of every penny until he doesn’t need me anymore – there are some men who won’t do that and I choose to keep my heart open.

      Of course, I haven’t read your blog cuz I can’t find a link to it, so I don’t know what you really think. I didn’t sense the hostility based on your view, I sensed it because of the manner in which you expressed it. I don’t feel like your heart is open AT ALL.

  13. Willy said

    OK Ash, my rebuttals had an edge and I’ll refrain from further sarcasm. Don’t take it personal, I didn’t mean it as such.

    Required reading:

    Best of luck

    • Nothing taken personally. I will check out Roissy. I’ve been meaning to. I’m trying to mix up the blogs that I read – I’ve been reading too much Alpha stuff lately. I want to broaden my horizons. I’ve yet to find a group of Beta Males writing anything so I’m kind of at a loss.

  14. Lily said

    Lol, little hint…not all the PUA blogs are written by alphas.

    Be careful at Roissy’s. His posts are often very insightful but people don’t call him the Dark Lord for nothing. I also advise you don’t get into commenting.

    Have you checked out RacerX’s? Also check out anplayer. They are alphas (well anplayer is anyway, vouched for by sdaedalus, friends irl) but the type who seem to actually like women as well as er enjoy their lady bits. Oh also Thursday’s blog is quite interesting.

    Did you read through the advice for men in the archives on the Evan Katz blog? They are mainly beta men I’d assume.

    • I have been reading Evan Katz…not too sure I like him. Undecided right now.

      I have glanced over at Roissy’s here and there and I admit, that yes, he does scare me a little bit. I’ve checked out RacerX, and of course I heart Paul The King. Alpha and Neo are two others I like as well. I got a little bit of a misogyny from Willy (see above), so yeah…I dunno about him.

      Thursdays blog? I will have to check that out.

      • Lily said

        I’m not quite sure why Willy decided to come over here to have his little rant, he can live his life how he likes. No point coming here raining on your parade. There’s plenty of other places he can vent.

        Here is link to Thursday. He gets into spats with Roissy sometimes (or rather Roissy spats with him, see it’s not just women he attacks in the comments – btw he particularly hates lawyer chicks). He has some interesting posts, especially the older ones. And a more talk about alphas in terms of High Status Value (what you and I would immediately recognise as an alpha with our woman sense lol) and High Market Value (like being good looking, having good game).
        And the brilliantly amusing (he is an Irish rogue and I have a soft spot for them)
        Also, have a look at the links from his blog roll.

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