Ashleee Karen

Made it 4 months celibate…now what??

Yes. I masturbate.

Posted by ashleeekaren on October 16, 2010

That’s either incredibly sad, or incredibly sexy. I’m going with sad.

But how else did you think I was going to be able to get through this celibacy project?

Hee hee


Rules of the Ashleee Karen Celibacy Project 2010-11

1) Cannot have under the clothes contact with anyone.
2) Excluding myself.

Apparently there are more than few people betting against me completing this project. Haters. All of you.

BUT, as Vodkacranberry pointed out in a comment on my previous post, maybe I need to pick up a hobby. He suggested cold showers, but i do that all the time anyway. Both a marathon and horseback riding were suggested.

Although I suppose this whole project is like a marathon…

So anyway, he’s right. Hobbies.

My current hobbies:
1) Reading
2) Blogging
3) Playing the guitar
4) Writing songs and singing
5) Doing hair (yes strange I know…)

Maybe I should work out more. Maybe that will relieve stress.

And for all you doubters and nay sayers, I will have you know that Ron texted me AGAIN today and wants to hang out tonight. And by “hang out” he means have meaningless sex. I’m not even tempted! I am being egged on by all you doubters to actually do this.

I feel like Kanye right now so I will leave you with this:


24 Responses to “Yes. I masturbate.”

  1. vasafaxa said

    Everyone trying to say celibate should do this.

  2. Amelia said

    Masturbating is key to a good sex life in general, let alone when you’re trying this “celibacy” thing. I don’t think it’s sad at all. Of course, I could be biased cuz I do it all the time!

  3. vodkacranberry said

    So wait.. is Ron texting you or sexting you? And if it’s the latter does that count as intimate contact? And your hobby is doing your hair?

    We seriously need to get you riding a horse.

    • He is texting hoping to get some sexy time. And if he were sexting, that doesn’t count since there is no under the clothes skin on skin contact. But that begs the question – should phone sex count? I haven’t had phone sex in a long time, and definitely not since this project started. I’m thinking I should probably rule that out as well…what do you think?

    • Doing OTHER peoples hair. And you skipped over some of the other interesting hobbies I have…sigh… πŸ˜‰

      • vodkacranberry said

        Well that does provide some relief.. so to speak. The idea of you sitting in front of a mirror playing with your hair for several hours had me slightly concerned. Although I do like the idea of you singing a song, whilst playing with your hair and perhaps riding a horse at the same time but hey.. we don’t need to talk about my fantasies here… πŸ˜‰

      • Lol, yeah I think that’s for a different blog….

  4. Rebekah said

    I have the suspicion that more women are celibate than many would believe, truth be known. Also, choosing celibacy isn’t always indicative of not having a healthy interest in sex. It is actually nice to see a woman comfortable enough to broach the issue of masturbation, as I think a lot of us are ashamed of the need for it. And hobbies are great; I’m a big fan of writing poetry, yet I started noticing an erotica trend in the content. Then I tried thinking and reading about spiritual matters, and somehow thoughts/ideas converged into something that seemed a bit blasphemous. It’s a challenge to deny the body a basic need!

    I wish you lots of luck and think it’s great you are challenging yourself in this area, and that you are valuing sex as something special and not cheap and meaningless! Who wants to do something cheap and meaningless anyway? Looking forward to reading more here and checking in with you along your journey!

  5. Rebekah said

    * erotic trend

    What a slip that was!

  6. Dream Puppy said

    Just discovered your blog and find it very interesting. I wish you good luck in your ventures. I am assuming self nookie will relieve some of the tensions. Do your male suitors know of your self imposed celibacy?

    I hope more stories follow!

  7. There’s nothing wrong with masturbating. In my opinion, it’s perfectly healthy.

    I like your blog! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks!! I don’t know why I thought it was sad at the time I wrote it. I guess maybe it’s just more fun to masturbate with someone else next to you. But you’re right. It’s very healthy.

  8. […] Ashleee Karen tells us how she’s making it through her celibacy project […]

  9. Rivelino said

    Have you tried phone sex? Phone sex sounds dorky but is extremely powerful. I know Racer X would be up for it. He is up for everything.

    • I have had phone sex, but not in a long time. It’s not dorky at all – it’s extremely sexy if done right. And it wouldn’t be breaking any of the rules of my project.

  10. Andre said

    I like you πŸ™‚

    • Haha, thanks for reading!

      • Andre said

        Not many women actually admit that they pleasure themselves.
        And I read a couple more posts. I like the way you word things.
        i shall subscribe.
        (if only you were on tumblr!)

      • I need to check out tumblr. And I appreciate the compliment and am glad you enjoyed reading.

        There is nothing bad about masturbation and I think many women feel like there’s something wrong with it. Or wrong with them if they enjoy it. I think knowing what you like is important to a fulfilling sex life.

      • Andre said

        I love when people aren’t afraid to voice their opinions.
        And Tumblr is nice. Well, I don’t know exactly how blogging sites differ. That’s just the only one I’ve ever used.

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