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Made it 4 months celibate…now what??

A nice guy/beta??

Posted by ashleeekaren on October 30, 2010

So I’ve had this crush on this guy P. P is friends with my good friend Beth. I’ve known him for about 2 years. He’s usually had a girlfriend. One night about a year ago I hit on him shamelessly whilst drunk out of my mind. I was embarrassed the next time I saw him but he was so nice about it and it just made me like him more.

I saw him at B’s wedding a few weeks ago, and SURPRISE, I was wasted again but I made it a point not to hit on him. We did, however, have a wonderful conversation about zombies and Greek mythology. It was delightful. We said goodbye and he commented that it was always nice to see me.

Saw him again last night and we ended up hanging out the whole time. He came out to smoke cigarettes with me and paid a whole lot of attention to me. Beth was super excited because she wants us to hook up but I still couldn’t tell if he was into me or not. Everyone else seemed to think he was too…

We went back to Beth’s house and had more drinks. Still no touching or hand holding or anything even though I was ripe to be taken advantage of. I call a cab to head home and he walks me out. He give me a hug. I pull back from the hug and pause. He looks at me and says “What?” I smile, shake my drunken head and say nothing. I get into the cab.

WTF?!? Ask for my number, FOOL!

Part of me wants to play it more assertive and just facebook him and say, “we should hang out”. I kinda want to avoid any awkwardness as I’m sure to run into him… Did I read it wrong? Did all my other friends read it wrong too?

What should I do?


5 Responses to “A nice guy/beta??”

  1. Leave it!

    Don’t contact him directly. You need to be manipulative about this get your friends to fish and see where he is at! You want him to work just a little bit for this. Then you and rest easy on that first date!!

    Saying that, i’m a guy and that could mean you will do the opposite and get it spot on.

    • I am gonna let him come to me. Good advice. If I put too much effort in then I will start to care and become invested…can’t have that!

      • dreamidreamed said

        LOL – it’s like you read my mind!

        However, is he shy with women? Does Beth know of your interest? Maybe you should ask her what’s up.

        Although, I don’t know how you’d do with a shy guy. You may devour his head after sexy time.

      • But i don’t want to just have sexy time with P. I want to BEEEEEE with him…hahaha.

        Actually, i don’t know if I want to be with him. But I do know that he’s not a guy I could just bang and that’s it. I would actually like to get to know this guy…

        My friend is going to check into it for me 🙂

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