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Making out in bathrooms…classy as usual…

Posted by ashleeekaren on November 1, 2010

Went to a costume party and saw Ethan there.  He and I have been flirting for months.  Problem is that he is roomies with a good guy friend of mine who has apparently forbidden him from trying to hook up with me (apparently Ethan is the world’s biggest male whore).  Of course all that sneaking around makes it all the hotter.

He calmly told me to go to the bathroom and he’d meet me there.  I go.  A few minutes later, a knock on the door.  I crack it open, he shoves me inside, locks the door behind him, and starts kissing me violently.  It was SO HOT.  He slams me up against the door and his hands are everywhere.  Then he grabs me by the hair, pulls back, looks me in the eyes, and then flips me around and starts kissing the back of my neck…  

He’s trying to tear my clothes off, but I (unfortunately) think better of it and tell him I have to go.  I fix myself in the mirror and rush out of the bathroom before anyone notices we were in there together.


One Response to “Making out in bathrooms…classy as usual…”

  1. […] FACT, I burn so much for Big Guy that I ended up consummating my bathroom relationship with Bathroom Makeout Guy, aka Ethan.  Bathroom Makeout Guy is easy, uncomplicated (or so I thought) and I know exactly what […]

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