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Made it 4 months celibate…now what??

Do I have a thing for Irish guys??

Posted by ashleeekaren on November 7, 2010

Hmmm, I’m beginning to wonder… S, T, and P are all Irish. What’s the deal with that??

Hung out with P again last night. A friend of mine just finished a triathlon and had a party to celebrate. She wanted to invite P cuz she knows I have the worlds biggest crush on him. So she invites P who says he’s going to stop by after a birthday party. Apparently, he’s bringing a lady friend with him…my friends start reassuring me, no they aren’t dating, she’s a friend of his from high school – she’s just in town to hang out… I’m a little skeptical, especially cuz I don’t want to be disappointed since this crush has been building in intensity over the past month.

He shows up with her, and my friends do their due diligence – they watch them like a hawk. I play it cool, let him come up to me and say hello. My friends husband comes up to me an apologizes for cock blocking me the other night at his house “I was so wasted I didn’t pick up on your vibe that you wanted to hang out with him until after he walked you out to the cab.”. I told him what happened after he walked me out and he was like, “he probably was worried his breath stank” and I responded “does your breath have to smell good to ask for my number?” He said, “I dunno. Maybe he’s just dense. I have a feeling that if he knew you had a crush on him, he would be all over it…maybe I should drop some hints.”

Anyway, P and his lady friend are not giving the “we are hooking up vibe” according to my friends. P and his lady friend get up to leave and he comes to say good bye.

P: We’re heading over to [bar in our area]. You guys should come.
AK: Where’s that at?
P: Not far. You should come by.
LF (Lady friend): yeah for sure you guys should.
G (my drunk friend/wing woman): oh yeah!! Let’s keep the party going!!!
AK: ok maybe we’ll see you there.

We show up to the bar and he’s there with her. They aren’t sitting close or anything like that. We chat, “Glad you guys could make it” he says. G plays a good wing woman and makes it seem like this entire outing is her idea. She’s amazing. But I think perhaps, P thinks SHE’S in love with him. We tell them we’re gonna find a table and they should join us.

15-20 minutes they come sit with us. We make small talk, turns out we know some of the same people. My mind is working trying to figure out THEIR vibe, and trying to figure if there’s a vibe between P and me…

Last call, we leave the bar and he hugs us goodbye.

I think that 2 weekends in a row making an effort to hang with P…that’s enough effort on my part. There’s a difference between pursuing someone and letting someone know you’re interested. And I think there is a very fine line between the two. I think I’m walking that line. I’m done walking that line. It’s his turn to let ME know he’s interested….

Sigh…so the crush continues.


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