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My Dad is Rad

Posted by ashleeekaren on November 9, 2010

I’m sitting at a French dip sandwich place and there’s an old man sitting next to me. He’s probably in his late 70’s, early 80’s. He’s got a baseball cap with an American flag on it and it’s pulled down over his curly white hair. Amber colored blue blockers hang down from a string around his neck. His beige jacket is oversized and has faded corduroy elbow pads. He softly coughs over his potato salad and half eaten French dip sandwich.

I glance up at him from time to time and see his lips moving in a soft whisper. They stop only for the cup of coffee he puts to his lips every minute or so.

He reminded me of my Dad when I saw him. A pang of guilt flashed through my torso as I thought to myself how much he would’ve liked this French Dip place and how I should’ve called him to meet me. It was a last minute lunch stop – I had expected to be done before lunch today and back in the office. Still…this old man makes me think of my Dad eating lunch alone. I dont like the thought of him being alone.

The man I’ve been referring to as my father is not my biological father – he’s my step-father. He has raised me since I was 8 and treated me as his own. He is patient, kind, smart, and selfless. He has always provided for me in every way he could. I get choked up just thinking about how wonderful he is.

My Dad is rad. I’m going to stop by the house on my way home and say hello.


7 Responses to “My Dad is Rad”

  1. Aww, that’s so cute. Wish my dad was friendly, but, he isn’t, so moving on, great post.
    Check out moi blog too πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the compliment! I have to tell you though that when I was your age (16), sometimes my Dad wasn’t so friendly either. He could be very strict and would always get so impatient when I would ask him for help with my Math homework. Haha, it’s a running joke amongst my siblings now.

      Anyway, it wasn’t until I became an adult that I fully realized why he was sometimes so hard on me growing up. Working full time and trying to provide for myself has me stressed out as it is. I can’t imagine having to provide for an entire family so I get why sometimes he wasn’t patient and would lose his temper. A lot of it was tough love too – discipline and structure can sometimes seem unfriendly. But I have grown to appreciate it as an adult, realizing I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

      I have a much better relationship with him now that I’m older and there’s a chance you might grow to have one with your father too. I don’t know your exact situation and of course, everyone has their own unique experience, but you never know.

      I’ve checked out your blog a little bit and will continue to read it. Thanks for reading!

      • Thanks a lot. Yeah maybe it’s all just the stress. I mean him and his work and me and my complicated age. Sigh. Seriously, 16 is so moody. The hormones are really kicking in. I’m sure we’re gonna get along better in the future.
        Thanks for the advice? Will this be the right way to end this?

  2. namae nanka said

    Not really relevant, but the post title was just asking for it:

  3. Gwen said

    Awe, that’s sweet. I wonder what that man was whispering to himself.

    Very cool that you and your step-dad are so close. πŸ™‚

    • Me too! He was a sweet looking old man. Also reminded me of the old guy from Up.

      My Dad is really seriously awesome. I had a crazy day at work yesterday but after seeing that guy and writing this post, I called him up and asked if I could take him to dinner. He is very practical and totally into coupons so he said, “We don’t have any coupons for any good restaurants right now.” I told him that was ok, and that it was my treat. He doesn’t like me to pay for him EVER so he insisted we stay in, hang out with the dogs and order some pizza and have a few beers. So we did just that. I spent an hour or so with him but I had to go home, I was so tired. He’s the bestest!

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