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These dreams…

Posted by ashleeekaren on November 12, 2010

Just woke up and wanted to write this all down before I forget the dream.  This is the 2nd dream of it’s kind with the same people.

Dreamguy is someone I’ve known for a few months.  He has a wife and 4 kids. He’s just a couple years older than me.  When we first met I was taken aback by his wife.  And not in a good way.  Sounds mean, I know but he’s not a bad looking guy and she’s 10 years older than he is!!!  And not only that, she LOOKS it.  She’s about 85 pounds overweight, has bad hair, bad style, and smells funny.  Every time I’ve met her, she’s wearing pajamas, no joke.  She’s a perfectly nice lady, but DAMN woman, put on some regular clothes!

Dreamguy is in shape, tall, broad shoulders, and does MMA fighting.  He’s soft spoken, polite, and always warm and friendly.  Every time I see him, I’m like…really?

Anyway, my previous dream had been about me and Dreamguy hooking up.  We were at someone’s house and Dreamguy’s wife was in the other room. For some reason she couldn’t get in.  We didn’t have sex in the dream from what I remember, but there was lots of kissing and fondling, etc, etc.

Last night’s dream was very detailed.  I had gone to Dreamguy’s house for dinner.  I walked in and he was sitting on the couch. His family was there, aunts, uncles, etc, etc.  Wifey was there too. She was sitting in the back of the room and I heard her say hello. I couldn’t see her face, but I knew it was her.  I sat down on the couch next to Dreamguy.  He had a blanket. He was happy to see me and gave me a big hug.  He laid down on the couch and I snuggled up right next to him in the crook of his arm.  He put the blanket over us.  He pulled me closer.  I placed my hand on his chest, but I was timid.  He whispered, “Aaaashleeeee”, and held me even tighter.  He did that thing I love where guys kiss you on the forehead and kind of smell your hair…There was panic in my brain – wifey was right there!  I thought I should probably go say hi to her.

I went to the back of the room and I could finally see her face.  She was thinner than I remembered and she had done something to her hair.  She looked somewhat attractive!  She was happy to see me.  I complimented her hair. I felt bad, but went to go sit next to Dreamguy again on the couch.  He didn’t try to cuddle me.  I didn’t try to cuddle him.

Then all of a sudden I was on a different planet.  We had taken a spaceship there and it was broken.  We were stranded on the planet. I could feel that Dreamguy was there with me, but I couldn’t find him.  I took a seat.  There was some type of weird baseball game.  I was sitting in a stadium of some kind.  I walked around and looked into the sky – I could see Jupiter and it was huge!  I thought to myself, that’s weird, I didn’t know we could see Jupiter that close up on Earth. I remembered I wasn’t on Earth.  I was on a some planet.  I took my seat back at the weird baseball game…

I think this dream is derived from 1) I spoke with Dreamguy on the phone last night, 2) The Carnival Cruiseship being tugged ashore, 3) I like Sci-Fi


2 Responses to “These dreams…”

  1. dreamidreamed said

    Ok, stop dreaming about my husband and about being sister-wives. Not gonna happen! Marcus can only handle so much cray-cray in his life.

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