Ashleee Karen

Made it 4 months celibate…now what??

Does the tip count?

Posted by ashleeekaren on December 4, 2010

Soooo….. Hung out with GT last night….

I’d go into details but it would just make me more smitten than I already am…I’m also exhausted so I will fill you all in later…

Does the tip count?? Is it time for me to end my project???


13 Responses to “Does the tip count?”

  1. Veskrasen said

    Yes, the tip counts ๐Ÿ™‚ Though, it only really counts for half credit unless someone got off, in which case you’re SOL.

    As far as whether it’s time to end the project… I’d say that really depends on whether you’ve accomplished the four goals you set out for yourself. It sounds like (from the last post or two at least) that you’ve gotten distracted from your relationship with yourself, and that you’re still not sure what you want in a relationship yet. If GT is the “right kind of guy” then maybe it’s worth it. There is such a thing as sticking with a losing proposition for longer than you should.

    After all, if being celibate for almost four months got you to the point where you met a guy you’re serious about, then maybe that’s the important thing.

    • I don’t mind ending the project for the right kind of guy…he’s very sweet and funny…and despite our little game of “Just the Tip” he was otherwise a perfect gentleman. It was me who attacked him…

      There’s no rush to get serious with him and I DO regret allowing the tip in…

      But I think the healthy thing to do is not let this little bump in the road distract me from continuing to explore the relationship I have with myself. Just because a guy is in the picture doesn’t mean I can’t do those things and I think that’s an important thing to learn.

  2. adrian drummond said

    Does the tip count??

    Sounds like the rationalization hampster is busy at work…

  3. Racer X said

    Yes, your celibacy project is now officially over. The tip counts. I mean, it was penetration, was it not? Celibacy usually means no sexual contact, at all, with another person.

    Now, your blog should describe in great detail your reintegration into the sexual world.

    So your next step is to get this guy to fuck your brains out. He sounds a little weak though, so I am not sure he has it in him to handle your awakened sexual desires.

    • Haha, oh well… Yes, referring back to my own rules, there was no exception for the tip so the project is officially over…I have definitely learned some valuable things though, just from the experience of blogging and reading other peoples blogs.

      I wouldn’t say he’s weak…he was trying to be good. I think the combination of alcohol, pent up sexual frustration, my intense attraction for him and the fact he was trying to resist all lead to me attacking him. For you Racer X, I will post about our night in more detail.

    • Racer X said

      “our”…was meant to be “your”. Subconscious wishes slipping out…haha.

      • Haha, when I read the first comment I was like, Racer is so witty, but it turns out it was your subconscious…

        I did post in more detail. See the recent post from today. Hope you likey.

  4. gwen said

    Yup, the tip counts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “But I think the healthy thing to do is not let this little bump in the road distract me from continuing to explore the relationship I have with myself. Just because a guy is in the picture doesnโ€™t mean I canโ€™t do those things and I think thatโ€™s an important thing to learn.”

    Certainly doesn’t mean you can’t, no. The question is will you? And do you want/need to? That’s up to you.

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