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Made it 4 months celibate…now what??

2011? Business as usual…

Posted by ashleeekaren on January 2, 2011

New Years posts are supposed to reflect on the year behind you and declare the changes you are going to make for a better you in the coming year.  Yeah…Am I supposed to say something profound?

It would’ve been nice to have still been continuing my celibacy project into 2011 since I quite enjoyed typing “The Ashleee Karen Celibacy Project 2010-2011.”  That was fun.  But oh well.  That’s really the only thing I can think of…

Setting goals is important, but you should be setting them all the time, not just for your New Years Resolution.  I can’t stand that doctors offices and gyms are the busiest in the first quarter of every year.  It’s annoying.  The gyms are packed, my doctor is booked…I don’t like it…

So I’m just going to go about living (and blogging) the way I normally do.  I think I happen to be over-analytical and reflective anyway, so this being the time for New Years Resolutions is actually unnecessary for me.  I’m not saying that it is unnecessary for me to change or to set goals or that I am perfect and have done everything right.  I really don’t think that.  It’s just that this evolution I’ve been trying to achieve has been a work in progress all my life and especially the last 2 years…

SO, business as usual.  Here’s how the NYE party turned out:

I got nice and liquored up to be able to handle the potential New Years Eve Party Disaster.  Only 2 out of the 3 suitors showed up.  Martin being the first. I chatted with him and was totally polite.  Then Bathroom Makeout Guy (BMG) showed up.  The minute he walked through the door, it was on.

He has what I call a “lingering touch” meaning he leaves his hand or arm there just a little bit longer to let you know he’s interested.  I had to dodge Martin but field these little flirtations here and there.  It was totally hot.   At one point we were in the kitchen and he was making me a drink.  With no one within ear shot I scolded him for opening his big mouth about our bathroom makeout session on Halloween (his roommate is one of my best guy friends and thinks BMG is a dog and doesn’t want me anywhere near him-I got an earful from said guy friend about the whole thing).  BMG tells me that he didn’t say anything and that my friend caught him slinking out of the bathroom right after me  (God, I am SO classy, lol).

At this point I am about 6 or 7 drinks deep but still able to edit myself whenever I see Martin walk in the room and I’m talking to BMG.  Of course, I think I’m being smooth but a friend of mine came up to me and was asking about that guy I was flirting with so maybe I wasn’t so slick.  I figure I have been pretty straight forward with Martin and I should just do what I want and if his feelings are hurt, then that’s his fault for even showing up.  Still…I try to play it nice and make sure not to be too obvious in front of Martin.    So BMG and I continue to steal moments with each other throughout the party.  He stands a little too close, brushes his arm against my back as we walks by, plays with my hair when he thinks no one is looking…very sexy.

Did I mention BMG does MMA and his body is sick??  Anyway…

The NYE countdown happens. I do not kiss BMG or Martin.  But I am WASTED at this point.  Not sick wasted, but happy-go-lucky-wasted where everyone is my best friend and the world is wonderful.

A little bit later BMG lets me know he’s leaving. We unfortunately could not sneak away for any bathroom fun during the party as it was a pretty small gathering and it would’ve been noticed by everyone.  He has me walk him out – the rest of his friends are halfway to the sidewalk heading towards the cab. I’m standing at the door my body still inside the house but my head peaking through.  We both look to see that no one is watching and he grabs my face and plants a kiss on me.

I remember passing out on the couch but I ended up sleeping on the living room floor of my friends house.  People are still up partying but I am too drunk and tired to do anything but snore.  At 3 AM I get a text from GT wishing me Happy New Year.

All in all, it was a great way to start 2011.





22 Responses to “2011? Business as usual…”

  1. Do you ever get tired of drinking that much?

    • I know I talk a lot about partying but it’s not an everyday occurrence or even every week. Maybe a couple times a month at most.

      Plus it was New Years!

      • I know, I know. But still, a couple times a month? Even when I was doing that…idunno. It gets old fast. Plus people tend to be really, really irritating when drunk.

        Especially if you’re sober.

        I don’t understand people who can stand doing it for more than a few months…I have friends that are seniors and stuff and get drunk with their TA’s and I just don’t get it. But that’s just me.

        So that’s why I was asking.

      • In LA, a couple times a month is actually pretty tame. Sometimes I get sick of it, sure, but then I cut back. On most nights I go out, I don’t get blistering drunk, or even just regular drunk. But I do enjoy a couple cocktails or a few beers with friends and business associates. I also can spend the entire weekend in watching movies, reading books and playing Wii… it just depends on my mood.

        Now as far as going out with someone who is my subordinate and getting wasted…I don’t do that. For me, I don’t think it’s very professional or good business strategy.

        I think maybe you and Racer should have a few drinks together so you guys can work on that threesome he has been fantasizing about….

      • Hmmm…you’re right, you’re in LA. Phoenixism (An Unmarried Man) did a post about all the vomit on the streets in the morning. Sorry if that’s gross.

        Also, I have to ask you…what kind of drunk are you? Do you tend to be happy? Do you tend to be horny? Do you tend to be sad? Do you tend to be a lesbian drunk? If so…do you let girls grab your boobs?

        It’s for my research, I promise.

      • Research fooooorrrr…?

      • A class….

  2. Racer X said

    “Do you tend to be a lesbian drunk? If so…do you let girls grab your boobs?”

    I’m seeing an Ashleee, Mandy threesome post in the future on my blog…

    Ashleee gets drunk, Mandy gets curious, Racer X gets what he wants…

  3. vasaphonia said

    I am Happy Drunk 30%
    Flirty Drunk 30%
    Submissive Drunk 5%
    Dominanatrix Drunk 15%
    Girly Girl Drunk 10%

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