Ashleee Karen

Made it 4 months celibate…now what??


Posted by ashleeekaren on March 4, 2011

The old Ashleee would’ve pretended to want a friends with benefits situation while secretly hoping he would change his mind.  The new Ashleee (with the help of some colorful comments on this blog and a good book) is learning and knows better.  After springing an Alpha move on me which I rejected, we had a surprisingly honest, adult conversation about our differing interests and amicably ended things.

So Solomon, I don’t know what his ceiling looks like, nor do I expect to – my womb is ready for us to bring forth the Anti-Christ.

9 Responses to “Blogcockblock”

  1. ASF said

    You’re learning grasshopper.

  2. Lisa said

    So I’m dying to know…what was the alpha move he tried?

    • I can’t tell you any specifics (I’ve developed paranoia recently in regards to who reads this blog) but his move forced me to have a conversation with myself and ultimately, him. With all of your comments ringing in my ear, and my poor little heart telling me it couldn’t take anymore Alpha males, I rejected it.

  3. Solomon II said

    Poor Big Guy. Woman, prepare thy womb to receive the seed of Satan.

    By the way, this is the first ever eCockblock I’ve ever heard of. Send me an email and I’ll give you my digits. We should chat before procreating.

  4. Phoenix said

    what … did the guy lose all interest by the end of the date because you wouldn’t sleep with him? To the point of not willing to date you anymore because of your rejection?

    • We didn’t go out on another date… We were going to and then he made it clear he was just looking for something more casual than I was. I cancelled the date, so I prefer to think that I wasn’t willing to continue dating HIM…

  5. Rivelino said

    omg congratulations ashleee, i am so proud of you. are you reading marry him, is that the big.

    i am working on a new theory, based on my experiences, your experiences, the book marry him, and some other stuff i have read, in particular one article lily posted about the french attitude towards affairs — all this stuff has got me thinking.

    still working on the theory. but it is something like this. women can enjoy sex just for fun too — and by that i mean affairs — but it has to be AFTER they are married and in a loving relationship. otherwise the SSN damages her femininity and her ability to fall in love.

    something like that. i truly didn’t give it justice. more soon.

    • I eagerly await this new theory although it sounds as if I would probably disagree with you, based on what you have so far.

      Women can have sex for fun. I’ve had sex just for fun. I can’t speak for every woman but I can tell you that in my experience, I am not capable of having a continuous ongoing sexual relationship with a man without developing feelings. I have, however had sex with men as a one time thing or once or twice a year thing and not gotten attached. In those few instances my heart has escaped unscathed.

      And although I have strayed in the past on ex boyfriends and have subsequently dated and seen what’s out there, if im lucky enough to find someone I am deeply in love with and who is also deeply in love with me, I would be faithful.

      And I bet I suprised you a little bit when I rejected Big Guy, huh?

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