Ashleee Karen

Made it 4 months celibate…now what??

About AK

I’m a 31 year old single girl, with a great career, amazing friends, and wonderful family.  Despite all that, I happen to be very bad at making good choices in the romance department.  After a very bad relationship, two years of being single, and going on many very very BAD dates, I have decided that sex gets me in trouble too much. So I’m swearing off sex and dating for an entire year so that I can concentrate on me. This blog will document my journey of self-exploration.

Stay tuned!!

**Update**  Just wrote a post about why I write this blog that I thought would be fitting for the “About Me” page.  Check it out here.


**Update**  According to most of my readers, and my own rules – I am no longer celibate.  Check out the end of the project here.

I am working on a new theme to the blog and will post about it shortly. Stay tuned!!

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26 Responses to “About AK”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

    • Hi, Nice to meet you too! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Lily said

    Or you could move to Texas? There’s this girl who is singing for a husband on youtube. She’s just had a date and the guy was cute.

    • Some people have suggested that moving out of LA may be the way to find someone. Not necessarily sure that finding someone is the answer to all my problems or that it’s even what I’m really looking for in life. I’m gonna have to find that woman on YouTube though. It sounds hilarious.

  3. Rivelino said

    Have you read Marry Him by Lori Gottleib? It should be required reading for all girls.

    • I saw her on a talk show some time ago and meant to go out and get the book. What do you like about it?

      • Rivelino said

        You gotta just buy it and read it. Or get it from the library. You gotta trust me here. Do it now before you completely lose all your social value and you end up alone with a house full of cats.

  4. Lily said

    Don’t let the title put you off, I have only read excerpts but I think it’s quite interesting. Also read the Sherry Argov books about ‘bitches’.

  5. Rivelino said

    Enough with the bitches book Lily. Although actually yeah, you could use with a bit more of an edge. Sassy is sexy.

  6. Love the blog. I accidentally/unwillingly took a vow of celibacy, which lasted for over a year. It gets easier when you start to forget what the point of it was. Or maybe I’m just lucky because I have a bad memory. Anyway, good luck and stay strong!

    • Thanks!!! I appreciate the read. I’m sure that things will get easier as time goes by…

  7. Lily said

    Bitch = Babe in Total Control of Herself.
    (in the context of the book)

    Problem is it’s a lot easier to be so when you’re not too vested in the outcome, which is how come it’s easy to stack up orbiters and mess up with the ones we want.

    I’m not sure about sassy is sexy though it comes in useful sometimes, especially if spanking is involved.

  8. Rivelino said

    Hmm. You should also practice the four pillars:

    1. Indifference
    2. Self amusement
    3. Playful dominance — maybe in your case playful feminine coyness?
    4. He needs to enter your world

  9. Rivelino said

    Sassy is extremely sexy. I could write much more about this, but don’t feel like it.

    Send me a picture of your titties and I’ll think about it.

    • I hear that sassy is sexy, but it’s also something I use to keep my guard up. If I’m cracking jokes, they can’t get too close and they can’t hurt me.

      I will get the book! I promise! And were you saying Lily needs edge? Or that I need edge?

  10. Rivelino said

    Lily needs an edge big time. Not sure about you. Don’t know you well enough.

  11. Lily said

    What do you mean by edge? Do my edgy boots count? Or is it an inherent flaw in my personality? Can you give me some tips?

  12. LOVE THIS BLOG!! Good luck on your journey. A whole year of celibacy? The Queen would call this your annus celibacus. LOL!! I’ll check in frequently to see how you’re doing. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    • Annus celibacus?! Love it!

      I’m gonna need the well wishes – saw a cute guy today and I was like, ready to attack him…

  13. vodkacranberry said

    You could take up horse riding… No wait.

    Forget I said that.

    • I don’t think it would be fair to the horse…

      • Lily said

        No, riding makes the blood flow to particular regions, bad idea.

        Make it dormant. But I have to say when it erupts, it really does so. Trust me, I know from personal experience.

  14. hmm! it is quite difficult to be celibate! anyway, power to you

    • Yes it definitely has its difficulties but I’m chugging along!

  15. how did you end up on my blog Dear?

    jus’ curious.

    • A reader referenced me in a comment on one of your posts. Nice blog btw.

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