Ashleee Karen

Made it 4 months celibate…now what??

AK Comment Policy

My policy is that I have no policy.  Blogging is an opportunity for discourse, even unpleasant discourse.  Sometimes I will respond with humor, sometimes I will respond with solemnity, but I will respond either way.  Unless you’re annoying.  Then I won’t respond at all.

However, any comments, or portions thereof,  that threaten to reveal private and identifying information about fellow bloggers will promptly be deleted.  Anonymity is priceless.  Exposure is censorship.  It won’t be tolerated.

(Ashleee Karen reserves the right to leave the portions of comments that threaten exposure to show everyone just how much crazy the offending commenter has been eating for breakfast.)

So I guess I do have a policy.  Whatever.

Comment away!!!


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